Caregiver Support

Care Giver Support

Care Giver SupportCircle of Friends Meeting

At Edwards Adult Day we offer a wonderful support group called "Circle of Friends". These meeting are held the 4th Tuesday of each month at 12:00 noon, at Edwards Adult Day Center. At these meetings lunch is provided and door prizes are given.

Most importantly Care Givers receive valuable information from trained professionals regarding life situations that they may encounter. Some meetings we have spa days, craft sessions, cooking classes, and lots of other enjoyable programs. These meetings are not only designed to educate the Care Giver, but also to give them a pleasant experience outside of their Care Giving role.

These activities are given to all Care Givers at no cost to them! This is a way for Edwards Adult Day Center to not only care for the participant but also care for the Care Giver. We all know that being a Care Giver is a 365 day, 24/7 responsibility, we feel providing these services is a help to the Care Giving population.